Will you tell me how to pose?

Well...yes and no. While everyone does love to get that posed photo (don't get me wrong we do them) I try to prompt you into doing things that will naturally make great photos while capture candid moments and raw emotion. The most important thing is that I always want you to look natural and feel comfortable. I will definitely guide you with instructions but at the same time I want you to act natural and just go with it! Don't worry...it is my job to make you look and feel good, so just come and have fun!

What can I do to get my child to cooperate?

Bring your kids and yourself rested, fed, and happy. Seriously, though! If we parents stress on the way, it will put a damper on the mood. Running late, forgetting things, fighting over clothing, etc. can all make our families more anxious, frustrated, and less cooperative. Do what you can and let the rest go. Once the session begins: for babies or toddlers, be ready to play games like peekaboo, make silly faces, or play fun music on your phone. Bring surprise toys and low-mess snacks hidden away to surprise younger kids. Don't micromanage tweens and teens. You'd rather have a genuine photo of your child laughing than an annoyed, fake smile. For older kids, if nothing else works, bribery is a beautiful thing! All kids who cooperate and roll with it get ice cream. Extra screen time. Free pass on a chore they hate. You get it!

Can I extend the session on the day of?

As long as there is availability on my schedule you are welcome to change your package to include extra time!

What should I wear for my session?

I offer my client closet for regular sessions. However, if you're booking a mini session or just want to wear your own outfits, here are some suggestions:

-Try to avoid items with logos or text as they will cheapen the look.
-Pick complementary colors or neutrals whenever possible.
-Keep it simple - Limit to 1 kind of print in family photos. If your kid is going to wear plaid, don't wear stripes or a different style of plaid.
-Go for timeless over trendy. You don't want to cringe when you look back in 10 years.
-Simple is almost always better, and you can add accessories like hats, scarves, bow ties, suspenders, and hair bows for that extra "pizazz."
-Remember that at the end of the day, these are recommendations, not rules. Wear something you love and feel comfortable in!

Do I have to order prints through you?

All my packages include the print release, so while you do have the option to print anywhere you would like, I HIGHLY recommend a professional print lab. I cannot promise the quality of an image that is printed at Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc. There is a store in your gallery with a professional quality print photo lab where I recommend purchasing prints and/or canvases. If you are interested in other gifts such as photo books I would be more than happy to order one for you. Contact me for more details.

What kind of gear do you use?

Following with the newest technology in photography I shoot with a mirrorless Nikon camera and a number of mirrorless Nikon lens.

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