Below are locations you are able to choose from for your session. Of course, you are able to choose any location you would like, including ones not on my list, but these are visual examples should any of these be of interest to you. Many of these locations I frequent often so I am familiar with the grounds and the lighting.

This beautiful location is in Denton and has a variety of of background options to choose from - there is a set of columns, a greenhouse, a pergola area with columns and brick and decorated with benches and flowers, a small bridge with lily pads, and a garden area with steps and stones. This location is perfect year round, but in the spring it is gorgeous and green and has lots of flowers, and in the fall it is very golden!

This location in Denton provides a grassy field of golden weeds, lots of trees that change colors in the fall, wooden benches throughout the grounds, and a gravel path surrounded by an arch of tree lines. This location is very secluded and perfect for sessions that need privacy, such as breastfeeding or steamy/romantic couples sessions. This location also has wildflowers in the spring.

This location in Frisco has a variety of options to choose from all in one area - a small stone creek, a stone waterfall, trees that turn beautiful colors in the fall, a sidewalk path with an arch of trees, a stone wall, and a small body of water. This is a perfect year round option.

This location in Flower Mound features as close to a beach like experience without traveling the the west coast - it is a large lake surrounded by large stone/rock formations. There are also open fields with trees and tall golden straw/grass. This is a great location year round.

This location in Dallas is a beautiful park located in the Highland Park area. It features a number of stone bridges, a creek, a stone ledge, and lots of greenery and flowers in the spring and summer!

This location in Frisco is partially secluded and features a rocky creek with limestone stone structure walls. There are many trees in the spring and summer covering the area. The water is crystal clear! Note: requires walking through shallow an ankle deep water, and hiking down a small rocky hill to get to lower set in creek.

This location in Prosper features a grassy field with silos and an active train track.

This location in McKinney is a European style village - providing unique building architecture, a secluded island chapel, beautiful water views, and wrought iron gates. This is a very crowded location so it is best chosen on a weekday. This is a great location year round.

This location is in Providence Village and offers an open field surrounded by lots of trees that change color during the fall (perfect for windy days as it blocks most of the wind), a sidewalk under an arch of trees, and a large lake with rock formations set around it for seating spots.

This location in Plano provides grassy open fields with lots of trees, side walks, and trails leading to creeks. In the spring lots of wildflowers bloom here. It is a very popular location that must be chosen on a weekday during the fall season.

This location is the beautiful downtown Grapevine during Christmas-time! Very popular area when decorated for the holiday - location must be chosen on a weekday.

This location is in Aubrey and features an old red bridge, a grassy field, and a woodsy tree area. It is a partially secluded location. This location also has wildflowers in the spring.